You are grace, you are style, you are sexy. You are a ENVY BABE, a girl who immediately captivates a room by daring to be beautiful, confident, and unique

You don't follow trends, you set them. You love, up-to-the-minute fashion, but how can you always have a fabulous, fresh, envy-worthy wardrobe without going broke? 

Toxic Envy Boutique is our celebration of celebrity style, done more affordably.

Since May 2013, we at Toxic Envy Boutique have been sharing our passion for the latest clothing trends  with beautiful, smart girls everywhere. 

Our runway-styled Bandage dresses  show off your sexiness with an effortless, gorgeous look that you can make your own. Here, you will find a range of distinctive pieces in the hottest designs, all at amazing prices, all without sacrificing quality.

Our clothes are bold, chic, and sexy, just like you. Whether you want something short and daring, or long and elegant, we can help you find the perfect jaw-dropping outfit for your event. (Of course, for you, every day is an event!)

 All of our bandage dresses are made of thick, high-quality fabric that's as strong and enduring as your are. The high-strength fabric is specially selected to hug and accentuate your curves while supporting you in great shape.

Our commitment to our customers—our Toxic Envy Dolls—is to help them (YOU!) be as dazzling as possible. Each design is selected with care, and each order is handled with individual attention.

Our Customer Service

As a boutique, Toxic Envy focuses on providing on you with top-notch customer service.

Shipping: We offer affordable shipping worldwide, including free shipping to our US customers.

Questions: If you're as fashion-obsessed as we are, you're bound to have questions or comments about our designs. Let us know via phone (1 (815) 290-9730), email, or our web comment form. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your emails.

Social: We love to see how our trendsetting Toxic Envy Dolls own the room in our fashions. Share your pictures (and check for contests, sales, and new arrivals) on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. We love to talk about clothes, because your style is our style. Your colors, your curves, your patterns, your cuts, your sizes, they're all important to us. Please keep in touch—we want to hear from you!

We are blessed to have the best customers in the business. You are the reason that we do what we do. You deserve the best from us at Toxic Envy Boutique